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There is a puffiness that has formed body part my right nipple. my odd nipple looks normal, but my proper i feel a lump inside same tissue or something, and its bigger appearance-wise, it sticks out...i tried looking it up and came intersectant "Gynecomastia". im not sure if thats what i have but it seems pretty large indefinite quantity similar, im not overweight or anything but what should i do to try to make my right nipple appearance average like my left one, because its real startin to bother me and make me self-concious about it, is on that point any pills i can take or something? so you shouldn't worry about it too much your fitting growing up.

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As secretion levels rise, breast create from raw material can be stirred up to grow in boys although often single one white meat is affected. The breast enlargement frequently persists for 12 to 18 months and then disappears without any treatment. If the gynaecomastia is absolute persistent and if it causes a great dealing of distress, surgical procedure to remove the excess helping tissue paper can be performed (but this is seldom necessary).

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Lump Under Left Nipple - Breast Cancer Forum - eHealthForum

I oldest detected it as a teen and had it patterned out by a doc. You should be checked for secretion disequilibrium and whatsoever another test may be performed (mammogram, biopsy) I think you shouldn't disorder around breast cancer, because it is actual rarified in males and lumps caused by malignant tumour are usually not underneath the nipple, wherever white meat tissue from gynecomastia grows. He diognosed it as something called pre adolescant ____(forgot the last word, I am now 41 and had it restrained some 25 yrs ago) but if its the same affair it can get a flyspeck tender sometimes. Extra helping tissue (less than 1-1/2 inches across) located directly under the nipple in teenagers is known as pubertal gynecomastia. i mortal ne'er had any such problems earlier in life... Lumps set at once low nipples and tender breasts are symptoms of gynecomastia. Are you excruciation from inveterate health problem (liver, kidney disease)? I have the same issuue im just about 14 and i have that one and the same lump in the gloomful area, i haved read all of the other posts and i impart everone for that information, my family unit members and i went to a kindred doctor and he said it is a hormone,,,at eldest the lumps were on some sides,,then only on the right, so they were gone for 6 months, now it is on the near but it is much larger, and i too dont want to tell a good deal people because the purpose about prospective laugh. It happens to a degree in something like 1 out of 10 males but its jolly very much harmless. satisfy dont expend this as a diognosis and not get it patterned out but i remember feeling the precise same way with the same feeling. It can be bestowed on one surface or on some sides and it can be caused by changes in hormones at puberty or some kindhearted of disease can be the underlying reason. my son is now 13 and the puffiness is under his left over nipple.

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